200HR Yoga Teacher Training Program

We have been a registered school with the National Yoga Alliance since 1999. Through our programs, you can be recognized at the 200RYT and 500RYT levels, and receive CEUs. We also have an affiliate school, Janes House Studio in St Charles, MO. at the 200 hour level.  We are a Member School of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

We Train Teachers

We have  conducted over 10,000 hours of teacher training in Arkansas, Missouri, Mexico and Ohio. As a result, we’ve had the privilege of developing teachers who are seen as the most competent in their markets, and have evolved a program that is equaled by none: there is a difference between training someone to be a teacher, and training someone to be an instructor. We train teachers.

The Foundation




Yoga has only one practical purpose: to help you relax so deeply that you recover the delightful experience of your true nature as unencumbered, unrestricted consciousness.  This is not to be confused with making no effort. Yoga happens when 'effort and ease' are not separate actions.

We teach you what is foundational to all of the styles of yoga you may encounter or have an interest in teaching, which means a thorough grounding in the five techniques of Hatha Yoga: stillness (asana), rhythm (vinyasa), breath (pranayama), integration (bandha) and presence (drushti).  You will learn how to language and sequence these techniques in ways that continuously reveal their wholeness, and that invite infinite creativity on your part. How you arrange them and establish a dominant focus is what moves them into the direction of "styles" like restorative, vinyasa flow, alignment-based, etc.

Teachers-in-training receive extensive technical knowledge needed to interface in today's marketplace. What makes our program unique and of the highest quality is how we deliver that information to you: in guided practice teaching sessions that grow in complexity to help you respond effortlessly to all of the various situations that may arise in a public class setting.


 Learn, Explore, Transform

Spend four weeks on our organic yoga farm surrounded by the beauty of the Ozark Mountains 


One Month Immersion

Our month-long residential program is conducted every June. It is an offering of immersion in practice, in teaching, in community, and the whole of Yoga.  Each week has 1 1/2 days off for hiking, floating the National Buffalo River, riding horses, exploring crystal caves, or however you'd like to spend your time. Fayetteville (home of the Razorbacks) and Rogers (top 5 cities in the US to live) are just 1 1/2 hours away if you'd like a day in the city.


2019 Program

June 11th - July 5th, 2019 

2020 Program

June 16th - July 9th, 2020

Course Fee: $2250 for 200 hours of face-to-face teacher training time.  Full tuition is due 15 days prior to start date.  



Private Training Site

We have a private training site for our all of our teacher training programs.

We video record each intensive, so in addition to your online manual, you have access to lectures, sequences,  practices and more on the site. 

The site is also used for homework assignments, and being in touch with the program faculty. ***This resource also allows you to continue growing your knowledge via the digital platform even after your training.

YTT200 Faculty

Featured from left to right: Kate Bee, RYT 500; Holly Krepps, C-IAYT and Co-founder of CYS; Matt Krepps, C-IAYT and Co-founder of CYS; Stela Balaban, RYT 500 and Program Director Asst.

Featured from left to right: Kate Bee, RYT 500; Holly Krepps, C-IAYT and Co-founder of CYS; Matt Krepps, C-IAYT and Co-founder of CYS; Stela Balaban, RYT 500 and Program Director Asst.



24 nights of beautiful, eco-friendly accommodations, 3 delicious meals prepared for you from our organic gardens, free wi-fi, surrounded by Ozark National Parks and Forests

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Accommodation Costs

Accommodations are separate from course fee and can be paid upon arrival. The prices shown are reduced fees for long-term stays at the Shala. Fees for short-term stays can be found on our accommodations page. 

Lodging Options:

  • 24 nights @ $30/night: $720 (upstairs dorm, 6 beds)

  • 24 nights @ $35/night: $840 (downstairs dorm, 4beds)

  • 24 nights @$50/night: $1200 (private space)

  • Bring your own linens

  • Private options are on a first come basis


  • 24 days (3) meals/day at $37/day: $888

  • Special Diet Rate:

    We accommodate vegan, vegetarian and carnivore diets. Any additional diet needs/restrictions require a different meal price.

  • 24 days (3) meals/day at $50/day: $1200

Please note, laundry service is not included in the summer program's accommodations and can be done by hand or at the laundry mat in town. Also, the telephone in the main house is not for personal use except in the case of emergencies. (The local phone provider does not offer unlimited long distance). You are welcome to give the number to family/friends to be able to easily reach you if necessary. 

Our Curriculum


Hatha Yoga - Dynamic Method

  • 5 techniques: Asana (Stillness), Pranayama (Breath), Vinyasa (Rhythm), Bandha (Integration) Drushti (Presence)

  • Core Actions: Lengthening and Broadening (discover what actions are universal and must be taken to be stable and at ease in each posture)

  • Method of Teaching: how to language, organize and disseminate lessons to public classes.

  • Joint Anatomy and the Spiral Body

  • Pranayama, Meditation and Kriyas

Vinyasa Krama

  • Vinyasa Krama and the Arc of Vinyasa Krama

  • Spinal Planes of Movement

  • Foundations

  • Principles of Sequencing (developed by Matthew and Holly)



  • Teaching Protocol

  • Practice Teaching: receiving feedback, observing others teaching and hearing/giving feedback. Also includes assisting students while someone else is teaching.

  • Principles of Demonstration, Observation, Assisting/Correcting

  • Prenatal and Special Populations

  • The Business Aspects of Teaching Yoga, Ethics for Yoga Teachers


  • Education vs Transformation

  • A short History-Origins of the 5 elements/tech

  • The 5 techniques

  • Organs of Action

  • the 8 limbs

  • Afflictions of the mind

  • Definition of asana

  • Pranayama defined

  • Body mind connection/nervous system

  • The Sutras

  • The Gunas

  • Meditation vs Contemplation

  • The Gita

We've studied and grappled with these teachings for two decades. As a result, we present them in a way that is accessible to all people and map them to other perennial wisdom teachings such as the Gospels.


What You Will Get From Your Training

Matt and Holly Krepps, Founders of CYS

Matt and Holly Krepps, Founders of CYS

  • Training with Master Teachers

  • A world class program

  • A deepened understanding of Yoga

  • A mentor assigned to you

  • Support faculty

  • A foundational personal practice

  • Confidence stepping into a yoga studio as a teacher

  • The ability to ask the questions, "who is here for their first time, who has injuries, who is pregnant?" and know exactly what to do

  • The ability to create elegant sequences

  • The ability to sequence on the spot, if needed

  • The ability to teach without practicing, allowing for more presence and support for the class

  • The ability to make modifications and adjustments without breaking the flow of class

  • Private training site

  • Built-in support network of fellow CYS yoga teachers

  • Comprehensive 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Workbook and Manual

  • Upon completion, a CYS 200hr Certificate

  • The ability to register with the National Yoga Alliance


Edited Talks From Previous Trainings

(Translations of Yoga Sutras)


Join Us This Summer!

Enrollment Process


  • 1 year minimum of personal yoga practice either at home or in a studio

  • 18+yrs of age


  • Deposits to be paid within 10 days of acceptance into the program.

  • If the program is scheduled to begin within 10 days of acceptance, full tuition is paid instead.

  • Enrollment form to be signed at time of deposit.

  • Tuition paid in full 15 days before the start of the program.

  • See school policies on fees, refunds, transfers, etc.

  • Review Student Handbook.

  • See shala page for logistics.



What Others Have To Say

Signing up for the 200 hr teacher training at Circle Yoga Shala was one of the best and most transformative decisions I have ever made. Matt and Holly have prepared a curriculum that is safe, accessible, supportive, authentic and life changing. The teacher training goes deep and is well thought out. By the end of the 200 hours, I felt confident and ready to share this beautiful practice with others. I highly recommend Circle Yoga Shala to anyone who is serious about their yoga practice and wants to go deep. This is the real deal! I look forward to signing up for the 500 hour advanced training at CYS in the future.

Shawn Chereskin, St Louis, MO

Ever pause to think about what it really takes for you to be able to stand upright on an engaged and stable leg? I think I speak for all of us in the 200 hour teacher training cohort when I say we developed a newfound intimacy with our bodies (and minds!) in the past month! Circle Yoga Shala's program is thoughtfully rooted in decades of experience and dedicated study. This is truly a rare gem -- bringing smart, holistic and compassionate inquiry back to yoga, alongside a teaching method that is simply brilliant. Thank you for an incredibly fulfilling month!

Melany Birdsong, Minnesota

Matt and Holly Krepps have developed an exceptional program and are amazing teachers. If you are looking for a deeper, felt understanding of yoga and the skills/confidence to teach a full class on day one, this is the program for you!

Tina DeCanter, Arkansas

Matt and Holly Krepps honor the yoga tradition by offering high quality training for their yoga teacher candidates. Both are highly conscientious, knowledgeable, expert teachers. Matt and Holly could have become nationally known yoga teachers had they chosen that path; instead they stayed in Arkansas and opened a sustainable farm and yoga teaching facility. Their passion for yoga practice and all its components is truly inspiring.

Catherine O'Byrne, Arkansas