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What is difficult for most students of movement-based disciplines like Yoga, martial arts, and others to determine is this: When am I ready to begin advanced practice?  


Aristotle said: “to be ignorant of motion is to be ignorant of nature.”



AMT is designed to offer the public a systematic sequence of development that aims to give serious students of movement-based disciplines a clear idea about when they are ready to get really serious about moving creatively and how to go about it.

AMT is a systematic method founded in the evolutionary building blocks of human locomotion and thriving. So in essence, we roll, creep, crawl, kneel, squat, stand on a single leg, and step over obstacles. We engineer those patterns by adding complexity, creativity, and intensity in order to direct development toward high performance and spontaneity. We build attentive, resilient, intelligent, exuberant movers. 

AMT continues to have the privilege to train world-class athletes from semi-pro to Olympic levels. Scope of work has ranged from medalist swimmers, tennis players, professional bullfighters (American version) and beach volleyball players, representing the United States, New Zealand, and the Czech Republic.



    Our movers learn about their weakest links by finding asymmetries in the system and learning how to re-integrate them. We screen for motor control competency and for structural compensation, focusing effort to uncover and integrate dysfunctions that develop from injury, occupation, poor lifestyle awareness, and training. The goal of our adaptation strategies is to mentor movers who are anti-fragile in the face of experience, who grow more and more competent through encountering the stress, chaos, and constant changes in life. 


    We tailor our programs to an individual's uniqueness by creating practices that can be accomplished in a timely way that moves you forward toward your specific aspirations in a sustainable way. 


    For the human being, the answer to life's challenges is found by responding to them in ways that manifest meaning and purpose, and generate the sense that we are connected to something higher than ourselves. We call this orientation to life and action the Flow State. In Flow, action is effortless, learning is efficient, emotions are stable, concentration is unshakable, intuition is operative, and purpose is self-renewing. These conditions naturally arise within the context of intimacy with the body and mastery over its possibilities. AMT offers a way to study, embody, and cultivate the conditions that give rise to Flow so that high-performance emerges as our default orientation to all of life.



    A session takes place over the course of two days. The first day entails two (3) hour sessions that include assessment, corrective strategies, testing of those strategies and plan development.  The last (3) hour session on the 2nd day entails review, process and videoing the plan for client's reference at home. Total time spent: 9 hours plus accommodations in main facility. Private cabin or home is extra. 




    Check-ins can happen by phone, video chat or email to see how the program is going. Based on questions asked, we adjust intensity, measure progress, clarify aim.

    $25 for Check-In

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