Inquiry Opportunities


One-on-One Inquiry Facilitation

Become Free of 'Stories' 


Inquiry With Holly

Discover what is True. 

Through a series of gradual steps that assist in uncovering what is false, what is true can be felt and experienced clearly –  maybe for the first time.  Once truth is revealed, so is the feeling of being truly free.


Inquiry session occurs via Skype/FaceTime/FB Video Chat. They are approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours total. 


Inquiry work is on a sliding scale of $85 to $125 a session


Equine-assisted Inquiry

Learn to be fully present and to recognize coping strategies


Equine-assisted Inquiry 

 I utilize the horses to facilitate and reinforce proprioception, present state awareness, perceiving through sensing, rather than thinking, and to reveal coping strategies that interfere with all of the above. 

Zwarte, Morpheus, and Honey, the resident Equine Teachers on the farm are 1500 lb. to 2000 lb. instant feedback loops for how we're 'coming across'. 

They demand presence and congruence from us to align in cooperation and flow. They are incredibly patient and willing to wait, all the while communicating what is needed, if we are willing to feel. Through their communication, learn to be fully present, to trust yourself, the moment, and others; and ultimately, experience how to be vulnerable and open AND maintain a personal sense of power.


Equine Session 

A session is approximately 2 hours.

Session Fee

Fee for 2 hour session is $125

Full Day Fee

Full day: Includes a morning and afternoon session with Holly and the Equine Teachers. Each session is approximately 2 hours and is separated with a lunch and rest break. 

Full day to include meal: $275

To stay overnight, see accommodations page for fees. 


What Others Have To Say

A form of mastery at work


To watch Holly guide someone through the inquiry process is to see a form of mastery at work. Her approach, while loving and patient, is tireless in pursuit of the truth that lies beyond "story". By drawing on her personal practice of confronting the false self, Holly is adept at cornering ego so it reveals itself. Her natural gifts of deep listening and intuition, allow her to lead clients on a journey of self-discovery. The result is a taste of freedom that may leave one hungry for more.  

Pat Riley, retired,  former owner of LRAC, LR Racquet Club, Downtown Athletic Club, NLR Athletic Club